So I do like to crochet, mostly because I enjoy knowing I an create something with yarn. That might sound a little weird but for non- crocheters/ knitters, yarn is pretty much useless. I’m not saying you can’t make anything, but with scissors and glue, you can’t make a hat! So back to the craft, this week I made some cute tiny crocheted bowls. To my surprise they are actually sturdy! And I just used regular worsted weight yarn! I have never done a crochet pattern before, and I’m not planning on it! Thats why at the end of the post I have left you a link to my favorite crochet tutorial! This is one type of yarn that I used:
I love this yarn, maybe because it came in a small and cute little package, and small things are better! So if you are a crocheter then my instructions will make sense. If not I warn you, because this jibberish is going to confuse you! Also, I refuse to use those silly abbreviations!
1. Get yourself a small crochet hook, I used a 5.50 ml hook.
2. Cast on and make a magic loop, increase with single crochet for about 6 rounds, or until it is big enough to fit your needs.

3. Once you have increased to your liking, start single crocheting around and around for about 5-7 rows.
4. I then finished off each bowl with a different color border at the top, thats completely optional and up to you. Personally I think it looks nicer and more complete when you add the border. (I used single crochet)
5. Cast off and tuck in loose ends. That really shouldn’t be a step because it’s automatic at least to me :).

I made three different bowls, and increased the amount of rows I increased by two, which made the three stackable!

Now set on your counter to hold all of your small craft supplies, gum wrappers, or whatever goodies come out of your pocket at the end of the day! I had no problem filling mine up right away, with buttons, shrinky-dink creations, and embroidery thread.
┬áIf you look to the left, that little blue bear was another recent creation of mine… cute!
All my shrinky-dinks:
Next to the plastic unicorns and mustaches there are some colorful buttons!
I can’t lie, I purposely color coordinated that. Hey I’m not that perfect! I also had pink and white embroidery thread:
Now if this post was meaningless to you, then you really need to check out the informative videos here! You can learn everything about crocheting, and those videos helped me teach myself how to crochet. Thanks Donna! And thanks to everyone too!