DIY Kaleidoscope..

  Hi! This post is an easy DIY on how to make a kaleidoscope with about $5.. all you need is a paper roll (paper towel or toilet paper sized), flexible mirror (can be found at craft/art stores), and tape + scissors. Cut in 3 equal strips. For a regular toilet paper roll, 1.2 inches works&hellip


Hi there! Its been a while. Today I bring to you the updated version of my (for unexplainable reasons) mega popular post from a while back telling you how to make your very own yarn bracelets. The post really pushed my blog to becoming more popular. The feedback was so intense that now I’m the first that&hellip

Electric Tape…

TY PAWLOWSKI Hello! It’s been a while! Today I’d like to show you a little project I just completed (although it will probably be ever-evolving). I wanted to fill the blank space above my bed with something cool, but very cheap. I saw the idea of using electric tape to frame and tape prints on&hellip

Macro Photography…

I ordered a set of macro filters from Amazon (here) and for all that I have used them for so far, they have worked great! It comes with a x1, x2, x4, x10 filters. They screw onto your existing lens and then they can screw together like this: The four relatively thin filters came clear and&hellip

Film Roll Candle Rings…

Lets face it, film is getting more outdated every second and new generations (including some of mine) may not even know what it is. The effects film gives to a picture are popular now and can be seen in the filters on Instagram too.  I personally like the negatives more and we have plenty of&hellip

DIY Animated Blog Header

   Hello everyone! I’m here to share a relatively simple tutorial on how to get a custom, animated blog header like mine: If you haven’t noticed, I change my headers seasonally but this is the first time I figured out how to get it to move! I realize its nearing closer to winter now, and&hellip

Halloween is Around the Corner…

I know I’ve already done a pumpkin tutorial this year, but the more the better right? I saw this idea after my aunt showed it to me last year around this time. I can’t for the life of me remember who posted it, but ever since I have known I was going to make these&hellip

Faux Taxidermy Deer Diy

Make your own deer head! I’ve been wanting to make a fake deer head like this for an unreasonable amount of time. Well I got around to it today! First of all you’ll need to print these out. They are templates, cut them out and they will piece into each other to make the deer/moose&hellip

DIY Mustache Necklaces!

Ok so this week I made some awesome mustache necklaces. I realize this trend is sort of fading from the craft and blogging world but I still love the shape and coolness of mustaches. I used Fimo Soft and Fimo effect clay. Both in which I talked about extensively in my first clay review here.&hellip


Make these cute little charms  out of crushed rocks or crystals! Hey guys, I am really excited about this next DIY tutorial because I got to smash things to pieces with a hammer! This was so incredibly fun for me because, well seeing rocks explode is fun! But I wasn’t just destroying pretty rocks for&hellip